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HVAC/R Maintenance Chemicals You Can Trust

Whether you need to find a leak, seal a leak, or boost overall system performance, MasterCare gives you the solutions to get the job done right. No manifold required, and no worrying about compatible refrigerants.

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  • No tools, gauges, or runtime required
  • Works universally with all compressors, heat pumps, and condensers
  • Will not interfere with manifold gauges, TXVs, pistons, or cap tubes
  • No call backs - seal leaks up to 300 microns
  • No water problems with DRY R™ patented water removal system
  • For systems up to 12 tons!
991-MC MasterCare Refrigerant Retrofit
992-MC MasterCare Boost Juice

LeakArmor™ Flex Shot™ System For Even More Efficiency!

Flex Shot System illustration
  • Patented "Push Button" delivery system
  • Fills in less than 10 seconds
  • Delivery system comes in single use and reusable options
  • Zip-seal bags for easy handling and storing

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IA-MC MasterCare Inject Adapters

Explore MasterCare Coil Cleaners

MasterCare® Coil Cleaners offer the widest range in the business. And now our more concentrated pack sizes give you even more flexibility and ease in the field. Because we know your time and truck space are at a premium.

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MasterCare coil cleaners 1 gallon group shot